Bessey Clamps Ireland

“BESSEY. Simply better,” has held true for over 120 years. With over a century of experience in the field of construction, Bessey clamps have distilled their craft of tool production to such an extent that when you buy one of their clamps or knives from Tool Depot’s online range, you know you’re not only getting the highest quality product, but also amazing value.

Bessey Clamps Ireland

Bessey are well known as one of the best tool brand around Ireland. When you purchase their clamps, knives or any other tool from their range, you know when you pick them up from Tool Depot that you’re getting low trade prices that are some of the most competitive you’ll find anywhere in Ireland today.

From Bessey's Large Capacity Sprint Clamp to their Heavy Duty Lever Clamp, their clamping and cutting tools will ensure that you complete construction work in a fast and effective manner that meets every health and safety need without sacrificing time or efficiency.

Why choose Bessey clamps?

Bessey clamps are designed to be ergonomic and easy to use. The plastic injection moulded handles of their tools are designed to such a refined extent that you can feel the amount of time that has gone into making the grip just right.

Bessey tools are weighted and designed to be easy to use and be reliable under tough conditions. Bessey clamps have very simple jobs to do, so the folks at Bessey know how to get the design of their products right. Refined over many years and constantly being developed to be more effective, you can be sure you’ll get good results.

Buy Bessey Clamps online

Here at Tool Depot we stock a wide range of Bessey work clamps. Browse our selection below and you’re sure to discover products, from whatever brand you need, that will meet your construction needs.

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