At Tool Depot, we stick to one very strict rule: quality counts. Our customers need power drills that are long lasting and able to endure hard labour jobs and be used for years to come. We want to inspire some of the most loyal customers in the construction business today, and we intend to do that by providing fantastic tools at great prices.Read More

Because of this, our power drill stock includes only the most hardened and refined products, so when you purchase a corded or cordless drill from us, whatever brand you choose, you can be assured that you’re getting a high quality piece of hardware at a fantastic price.

We keep a huge range of top brand power drills available that includes power drills from Fern, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch and Festool. Whether it’s for work around the home or for a more intensive job, when you’re searching for power drills in Ireland, the best place to buy them is online with us.

Corded & Cordless Power Drills

As technology advances, our range expands to reflect that. Cordless power drills offer a greater amount of mobility than ever before. The batteries are long lasting, the hardware is endurable and tough, and the weight of the power drills are lighter than ever without losing any of the intensive drilling ability. All of that makes for an extremely convenient range of power drills to buy online in Ireland.

As well as that, we have a number of fantastic stationary and corded drills that pack that extra punch for when you really need it. Cordless drills are great for when you need to move around site a lot. We keep a number of cordless drill brands in stock, each of which have fantastic lithium battery life and will get you through any job. For more intensive use, our corded power drill pack a heavy punch that are as good for construction as they are for demolition.

The Right Power Drill for the Right Job

At Tool Depot, we know that you want to buy a power drill that will get the job done. That’s why we only stock power drill brands like Fern, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch and Festool. More importantly though, we know every brand of power drill has its own unique benefits. Some power drills carry Red-lithium battery packs, while others specialize in fantastic corded technology. Each power drill we sell is a high quality piece of hardware, but some are better for certain jobs than others. That’s why our team are always ready to talk about what’s best for your upcoming job and are happy to spend time figuring out exactly what suits your needs.

One-Stop Shop for Power Drills in Ireland

You might not have time to collect your power tools in store, which is why our wide selection of products are available to buy online. When you’re planning for the job ahead, you can sort out everything you need right here at Tool Depot, and be sure you’re getting great value for money as well as the hardware delivered on time.

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